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Product Name: Blind Rivet
Material: Aluminium Steel
Type: Open End
Design: Half-Dome Head
Rivet Diameter: 5mm / M5
Rivet Length: 10mm/0.393"; 13mm/0.511"; 16mm/0.629"; 20mm/0.787"; 25mm/0.984"
Color: Silver Tone
Quantity: 100PcsFeatures:
- This aluminium open end blind rivet has an break pull mandrel and a dome head.
- Suitable for joining plastics, rubber, wood, grp and laminates, is used in assembly of caravans, trailers, furniture, plastic-framed window body.
- This blind rivet fastens objects in applications in which the back of the workpiece is inaccessible, such as fastening objects to tubing or walls.Notice:
Rivet Length are measured from core to mandrel.Package Includes:
100 x M5 Open End Blind Rivet with Break Pull Mandrel

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