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Product Name:Code Lock
Material:Zinc Alloy+ABS plastic+Nickel plating
Password key:Four
Color:Black/Silver/Blue (Please let us know the color you like ,you can leave the message on your Paypal note or Email to tell us. Otherwise we’ll send them at random.)
Fit For:Gym lockers,Toolbox,Trolley case,luggage,Etc.
Type:Digital lock
Lock height:63MM
Lock body height:39MM
Locking hook spacing:12MM
Lock hook thickness diameter:3.5MM
Lock body thickness:15MM&11MM
Package size:56MM*120MM
1.Good craftsmanship, each slot has slotted anti-crack technology.
2.Exquisite design, beautiful lock body, convenient,easy to use.
3.Internally made of alloy material, hard lock, not easy to damage,and alloy material is not easy to rust.
4.Multiple inspections per lock to ensure the safety of personal items and four-digit numeric password for even greater security.
Setting Your Personal Combination
1.Set dials to 0-0-0-0and pull out shackle.
2.Turn 90° counterclockwise and press the lock hook down into the hole. Keep pressing during the process and do not release.
3.Turn the cipher wheel and select the password you need to align with the small triangle on both sides.
4.After the setting is completed, rotate the lock hook up and return to the original position. After this step is completed, your new password is completed.
5.Align your new password with the small triangle on both sides, pull the lock hook and the lock will open.
6.Insert the lock into place, dial the password, and the lock will be locked. If you need to reset the password again, repeat steps 1-4 and remember your new password.
Package Includes
1x Digit Code Lock


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